Advise Me


Me & Krystle

This whole thing started because my friend Krystle told me I should write a blog back in 2003.  I have been blogging ever since, but keeping my posts pretty private.  I finally decided it was time to share my blog with anyone who was interested.  For years I have been the go to friend for advice.  I think it’s because I am able to keep a level head, and always attempt to see situations from every perspective, not just my own.

The “help me” section of this blog will be devoted to relationship advice.  Every relationship you have, whether it’s the dynamic between you and your sister-in-law or your relationship with your coworker is important.  There is no way to avoid getting into tough situations with people you have to interact with, but there are ways to navigate through those situations without damaging relationships, if not growing them.

Visit the Meeshme blog “Advise me” section whenever you need relationship advice.

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