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Chub Me

I was a chubby girl from a very young age.  When I was around three or four I developed seizures.  The doctor told my mother and grandmother that if I had any more seizures there could be lasting negative consequences.  My mother is Persian and my father is Irish Italian.  Being Persian, my grandmother thought that my seizures were attributed to being underweight.  Food is the solution to everything isn’t it?  So she began to feed me…a lot.

By the time I was in 4th grade I had a lot of health problems.  I was having a lot of stomach pain, so I went to see a gastrologist.  What he said to me had a lasting effect on me.  He prescribed me medication for the stomach problems, but also offered me a little advice.  He told me that my metabolism was low, being in 4th grade I didn’t know what that meant at the time.  He explained that your metabolism is like a flame inside you.  That the higher it burns the easier it is to burn off the food you eat, and the thinner you are.  The lower that flame, the harder.  He told me that my metabolism was very low, and that I would need to work out twice has hard as the normal person to lose weight.  This answered a few of my questions.  I never understood why I was so chubby when I was so active.  I took dance classes, played soccer, and played football with my uncles and cousins.

Still, everyone in my family kept telling me that it was baby weight and that I would grow out of it.  I thought that the weight would just magically come off when I started high school.  I grew resentful of my dad when he tried to help me diet, and became insecure when he made fun of my weight.  Still I did nothing to actually lose the weight.  When my dad tried to push me harder during soccer games, I quit.  Quitting soccer led to a 30 pound weight gain in one summer.

It wasn’t until stepping on the scale one day and seeing 225 pounds that I finally decided to do something about my weight problem.

I lost the weight, and so can you.  There are so many issues that an overweight person has to overcome in order to maintain their weight loss.  TV hosts, websites, and diet creators can tell you how to workout, and how to diet, but they never share the emotional struggle that comes with it.

Visit the Meeshme “lighten me” section to find out how I lost the weight, and kept it off for over 10 years.  Learn how to cope with people who aren’t supportive of your weight loss, and more.


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