Dress Me

Arden B dress

Dress: Arden B


I love dressing up, always have.  I know some guys (and I’ve dated them) like a girl in a simple T-shirt and jeans, but as much as I’m a guys girl in other arenas I can’t hang with the T and jeans.  I never feel better than when I’m in a fabulous dress.  I say I love dressing up, or I’ll say that I love clothing, but I try to refrain from the word “fashion.”  I think stating you love “fashion” puts an extra amount of pressure on a person.  Many people believe that to be in love with “fashion”, you have to be on top of trends and designers.  One should know what’s in before it’s in, and wear what’s on the runway or in someone’s new line.

I’ve never been much for other people’s opinions, and that goes for my sense of style as well.  I’m not going to wear something because a wealthy out of touch person thinks it’s hot.  I’m not going to wear something, because someone in Hollywood thinks it’s trendy.  I wear things that fit my body type, and compliment it.  I wear things that are delicate, unique, and beautiful.  I’m not ashamed to say I like embellishments.  I like a piece of clothing to stand out some way.  There has to be something bold about a piece.

I’m not a thrifty or sales rack shopper, but I don’t spend hundreds on my clothing either.  A lot of what I wear looks more expensive than it is.  My closet varies from dresses that cost $45 to dresses that cost $500.  Bottom line, I pay what an item is worth.

Once a week I’m going to highlight an outfit, and let my readers know where they can find it.  I’m going to give tips on how to dress your frame, and highlight all of your best traits.  I love clothing, and look forward to sharing that joy with my readers.


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