Summer’s Must Have Lipstick Shade – MAC Girl About Town

MAC Lipstick ReviewIn honor of National Lipstick Day I thought I’d give a review of my new favorite summer shade, MAC’s “Girl About Town.” It was the morning of my wedding, and with all the craziness I had forgotten to buy my lipstick. I wanted one shade for the ceremony and a fun color for the reception.

For the ceremony I chose MAC’s Lovelorn lipstick. The lipstick is creamy and the color was a soft pink. It was perfect for my soft wedding look.

I really wanted my lips to pop for the reception so I went with the “Girl About Time” amplified lipstick. I paired it with the “More to Love” longwear pro lip pencil. The pencil shade goes perfectly with the lipstick and lasts throughout the night. It will dry out your lips, and goes on matte so you can wear it alone with a light layer of chapstick or moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a great day and night look this summer give these two shades a try!

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Get Sexy Beach Hair Now

beach sexy hairGrowing up as a California girl, I hit the beach hard and often. With fine/thin hair, it was always hard to achieve a full bodied look, but not after hitting the waves. My hair always looked it’s best after being washed with the salt of the sea and air drying. Whats a girl to do when she can’t hit the beach? You can’t exactly be expected to take a dunk in the ocean before an event or date night.

I’ve tried many different products to add volume to and thicken my hair, but none have ever worked. Teasing works to a degree, but it can leave your hair looking frizzy and/or uneven. Then one day when I was using my H2O Sea Salt Body Gloss I thought, “Hey there’s sea salt in this, I wonder if it will have the same effect as ocean water on hair.”

I sprayed my hands with the sea salt body gloss, rubbed my hands together then ran them through my hair. The gloss gave my hair shine, and the sea salt gave my hair body. What’s better than a spray that has one good use? A spray that has two great uses. If you read my blog Summer Hot Buys you know that the H2O Sea Salt Body Gloss works great, moisturizing the skin and providing a sexy sheen.

At just $15 this product  is totally worth the cost. Get yours here today! Let us know your secrets to beach sexy hair in the comment section below.

5 New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep


Every year we make resolutions we can’t keep, then punish ourselves with weeks of guilt for failing at our new year’s goals.  Avoid the guilt this year by making resolutions you CAN actually keep.

Make these easy to follow resolutions that will improve your health, and the way you feel every day.

1) Sleep More

Did you know that those who sleep more also weigh less? It’s not that far-fetched of an idea if you think about it.  The more time you spend sleeping, the less time you spend eating! Also, those who sleep more have lower levels of stress.  Sleeping also helps reduce bags under your eyes.

2) Eat More Peppers

Peppers, specifically pickled peppers, burn fat.  Eating spicy foods twice a day can help you burn more calories every day.  By resolving to make dietary changes, instead of straight losing weight, you won’t feel guilty if you don’t reach a particular number.

3) Incorporate Activity

Making a resolution to exercise or hit the gym can be hard to accomplish when you work full time, have children, or both.  While doing an hour of cardio or getting a personal trainer may be out of the question, you can resolve to incorporate some activity into your daily routine.  Whether you go far a short walk when you get home each night or during your lunch break, or do a short workout video at home, getting active will give you more energy and counter some of the calories you intake each day.

4) Eat Less Sodium

We aren’t really aware of how much sodium we really do eat, and how incredibly bad it is for us.  Many Americans will turn to processed bars, snack bags, and frozen meals to help them reach their weight loss goals this year.  Unfortunately these diet side kicks offer up way more sodium than recommended. You can lose weight without the added sodium.  Instead of a frozen meal try a tasty salad, mixed vegetables, fresh protein, or a fruit salad.

5) Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Finally, don’t spend your year feeling bad about yourself.  Women spend too much time wishing for better bodies, punishing themselves for not having it, and worrying about how others see them.  It’s your life, and you only get to live it once.  This year resolve to enjoy your year.  Eat the foods you love in moderation.  Resolve to travel, see, and experience new things.  Take the time you would spend envying other people for their looks, and become someone others can envy for being you.

Happy New Year to all my readers!

5 Beauty Items You DON’T Need

meesh me make upI will admit, I am a sucker for a beauty product. I love make up, and have so much of it that I forget what items I actually have.  I am a “beauty insider” at Sephora, and get my make up done professionally often.  One side effect of that is that I have bought tons of items I don’t actually need.  According to a recent article posted to Yahoo Shine there are an arsenal of beauty products we shouldn’t be spending our money on. Here are some items I was shocked to find that I don’t actually need.

1) Primer

If you have had your make up done professionally you can tell the difference.  When I would apply make up at home the shadow never looked as dark, or lasted as long, as it did when I got it done professionally.  Then I was turned onto primer.  I was told that this product would keep my make up on my face longer, keep it from smudging, and reduce the amount of eye shadow I needed to use.  While primer does it’s job, it’s a necessary addition to your make up collection.  If you have foundation and/or concealer you can create the same effect.  Foundation and concealer both keep make up on your face, and created a bolder look.

2) Lip Balm

Excuse me? I don’t need lip balm? That’s just absurd. Not according to beauty expert Dr. Sejal K. Shah. All you need is moisturizer. Well most women don’t use lip balm just for moisture, but color as well. If you’re not looking for color or tint, you can forego the balm and use your moisturizer.

3) Lip Liner

According to the experts lip liner actually dries out your lips, and your lips look plumpest when moisturized. However, this is only true for younger girls.  As you age lipstick begins to feather out.  If you’re not wearing a bold color you can get away without lip liner, but always use lip liner when applying red lipstick. You’ll end up looking like a clown without it.

Other Products the Experts Say You Don’t Need Include:

1) Scrubs: Apparently scrubs can do more harm than good, drying out your skin.

2) Toner: Not necessary unless you have very oily skin, and even then it’s not mandatory.

3) Face Blotting Sheets: Expensive and unnecessary according to experts. Try using a mask with tea tree oil instead.

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5 Ways to Get Fresher Brighter Skin

spa day

Many women think that a tan is the key to glowing skin, spending time under the damaging rays of the sun or tanning bed, but the truth is tanning isn’t the key to glowing skin.  The average person has 1.6 trillion skin cells, and of this skin cells 30,000 to 40,000 of those cells shed each hour.  That’s a lot of dead skin you’re carrying around.  Dead and dry skin causes ashy dull looking skin, but there are quick and simple things you can do to keep your skin looking fresh, bright, and glowing.

Here are five things you can start doing to improve the look of your skin:

Dry-Skin-Brushing1) Dry Brushing

It’s called dry brushing for a reason, yet many people use their dry brush in the shower.  Getting your dry brush wet will cause molding, and using this brush in the shower is not effective.  It is harder to shed dead skin cells when they are wet.  Instead, use your dry brush before getting into the shower.  Start at the feet moving upward.  The idea is that you’re moving toxins towards your digestive system for removal.  Continue to brush in a circular motion over your entire body.  The process shouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes, you don’t want to damage the healthy skin.  Once completed, get in the shower and rinse the dead skin off. You can find dry brushes at many local stores including pharmacies, Target stores, or Walmart.

mango-body-scrub_l2) Body Srubs

There are hundreds if not thousands of “scrubs” for you to choose from.  The idea of a shower scrub is that it will exfoliate your skin, and in some cases help get rid of toxins.  To me the most important factor in choosing a body scrub is the scent.  While the sent doesn’t add to the exfoliation process, the benefit is in its relaxation powers.  A good smelling body scrub can fill your shower with calming scents, helping you wash away those toxic worries.  My favorite body scrubs are found at the Body Shop.  Check them out here.

unicorngirl_shower_light3) Hot & Cold

Switching the water from hot to cold periodically throughout your shower will help shock the skin, bringing life back to dead skin.  Hot water is typically not great for the skin, and can even age your skin faster.  However, most of us can’t stand an entire shower of cold water.  Hot water relaxes us, and a hot shower can be therapeutic.  Enjoy your hot shower, but when it comes to washing your face switch to cold water.  It will help with circulation, and brighten your skin.

4) Good Lotion

spray lotion For some of us the “lotioning” process is a pain in the a$$.  I have so many bottles of lotion, I can’t count them.  Yet I only get to putting lotion on my legs when I look down and their ashy white.  Hydrating your skin is very important, so making time for lotion is key to getting glowing skin.  Choose a lotion that provides the benefits you seek.  Choose a scent you enjoy, so that the process is enjoyable for you.  If you’re like me and hate lathering up, there are spray lotions available at your local pharmacy.

h20 body gloss4) Body Gloss

I have mentioned this product in a previous blog post, but the H20 Plus Hydrating Body Gloss is a great product.  If you’re looking for skin that shines, this product is a must.  The gloss is easy to apply! Just a few spritzes of the body gloss and you’re legs will look hydrated and shiny.  Say goodbye to white ashy legs and elbows.  To purchase this product or to get more information visit the product page here.  At just $15 it’s a steal.

DIY: Simple Floral Art Piece


Flower arrangement

As I say over drinks with my best friend, it’s been too long!  I apologize for my lack of blogging the past few weeks.  I have been battling health issues along with increased work responsibilities.  Over the weekend I thought I’d battle something other than my migraines, and focus on my kitchen walls.  I love decorating, and have spent a good amount of time filling my space with unique pieces, but my kitchen walls have been left blank for long enough.

I took a trip to Joann Fabrics for some creative inspiration.  I found my inspiration at the very first aisle of the store.  There in front of me were tons of beautiful fake flowers.  I have never been a fan of synthetic flowers personally, but these faux flowers were incredibly realistic.  I chose my favorite stems and made a quick bouquet there in aisle one.  With my flowers in hand I thought, “Now what?” I knew I needed to figure out a way to hang this arrangement on my kitchen wall.  I walked up and down the aisles looking for something circular.  I wanted something in the shape of a reef so that I could hang it up on a wall. There were a lot of materials to choose from, but I found a medium sized wooden ring which I knew would work just fine.  It turns out this wooden ring was a wood quilt hoop.  Next, I found some green stem wire, and chose the green closest to the color of the stems I had chosen earlier.  The stem wire would be used to hold the bouquet together.  To purchase green wire stems online visit here.  All of these materials were reasonably priced, and I got everything for just $22.  Once I had everything I needed a headed home to make my creation.

To create this wall arrangement you will need:

  • Your selected synthetic flowers
  • Green stem wire
  • 1 medium sized wood quilt hoop
  • A nail and hammer for hanging

DIY Flower Arrangement

Floral Wall Arrangement Steps:

  • Create your arrangement
  • Use your green wire stems to bind the arrangement together.
  • To do this take your green wire stem and wrap it around all fake stems.  I used four wire stems to complete this.
  • Take your wood quilt hoop and place it behind your arrangement.
  • Take a wire stem and wrap it through the quilt ring and around the stems binding the stems to the wooden ring
  • Place the nail on the desired place on your wall
  • Hang your floral bouquet

This DIY project was much easier than most, and now my kitchen is a happier place.  If you have any questions about how I made this arrangement feel free to contact me here.  Thanks for being patient with me as I battle my migraines.  Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a great week!

Pucker Up: New Kardashian Lipstick Line

I rarely watch any of the Kardashian shows, not for a lack of interest, but because of a lack of time.  Then the other day I finally got a chance to sit down and watch an episode of Kourtney and Kim take Miami.  The drama ensued, but the one thing I took away from that episode was I had to have the lipstick Kourtney was wearing.

I loved the hot pink color, but I was more obsessed with the fact that it looked more like a pencil than your typical lipstick.  I traveled to New Orleans for work, and forgot all about what Khroma Beauty calls the “joystick”.  It wasn’t until I was shopping for cleaning supplies at CVS that I came across the new Kardashian European Line Khroma Beauty.  The line includes joysticks, fake eyelashes, mascara, and more.  But it did not take me long to find what I was looking for, the “Shocking Pink” joystick.  I have been in love ever since.

The joystick is so awesome, because it goes on smooth and doesn’t dry your lips.  The colors are bold, and last all day.  The shape of the joystick also allows you to line your lips without lip liner.  You have to try these joysticks available online and at your local CVS or Walgreens for $8.99.



Beauty Mistakes: Eye Cream

Face Cream

Noticing fine lines, wrinkles, or other aging issues?  Embracing one’s age is important, but let’s face it many of us want to stay looking youthful.  However, be careful when trying new anti-aging products.  Certain products can actually do more harm than good.

One of the signs of aging is darkening of the under eye area or puffy under eyes.  Eye creams are very popular, but can be expensive and not that great for you.

In a recent segment on the Dr. Oz show they featured eye creams, and the lack of results they provide.  Apparently the ingredients used in eye creams is almost identical to the ingredients used in moisturizers.  Eye creams can cost up to $60, while they provide very little to no results.  In addition, eye creams can actually age your face at a faster rate.  How is that possible?  There are chemicals used to preserve eye creams that can create increased inflammation of the eye area.

See the full video of beauty mistakes that age you here.

plain greek yogurt

Instead of spending a ton on harmful eye creams, you can create your own natural (more effective) eye cream at home with two simple ingredients.  Apparently Greek yogurt is more than just a tasty treat.  The ingredients in plain Greek yogurt and parsley can decrease inflammation and get rid of those pesky dark baggy under eyes.

To create this at home eye cream add some chopped parsley to a few table spoons of plain Greek yogurt.  And that’s it! Apply the yogurt to the area, and leave until dry.  You can then use a warm dampened towel to remove the yogurt.

If swelling or eye bags are your issue cold tea bags and ice will work as well.  Often times eye bags are caused by allergies.  If you have allergies an antihistamine will help as well.

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Summer Hot Buy: Sea Salt Spray


Moisturizing is arguably the most important thing you can do for your skin.  Our skin looks better, more youthful, when we moisturize.  Many of us hit the gym hard before swimsuit season, working hard to look good in a swimsuit, but we forget to take care of our skin.  When your body needs hydration you feel thirsty, but it’s harder to tell when our skin needs hydration.  One sign of skin dehydration is ashy, dull looking skin.  It is your skin’s way of screaming, “I’m thirsty!” You can tan or spray tan, but a good tan isn’t good unless it’s glowing.

You can make tons of excuses for why you don’t moisturize, but I have found a product that provides hassle-free moisture and shine.  While window shopping this last weekend I came across this H2o Plus product.  The Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss provides multiple benefits.  This spray not only moisturizes your skin effortlessly, but also provides a glossy sheen.  The scent is mild and not overpowering.  The subtle scent of the sea will follow you around, reminding you that summer is near.

This spray goes on relatively dry, so you can spray and go.  Unlike body splashes and other sprays, the H2o Sea Salt moisturizing body gloss won’t drip or run down your body.  It’s perfect for before, during and after a beach/pool day.  This H2o product costs about $15.  Get a bottle or learn more here.

Spa Review: Spa Pura

meeshme.comI am always looking for great spa deals.  Let’s face it no matter how amazing a facial or massage may be, we don’t always feel great spending $150 for a one time service.  My go-to spa has always been Burke Williams, but I recently received a spa deal I couldn’t pass up.

While walking around Montrose, CA I passed by Spa Pura.  Montrose is located by the 2 Freeway North of Glendale.  It’s the closest thing to a small town you will find in Los Angeles.  With small shops and whole in the wall restaurants, Montrose is a charming little get away from busy L.A.  Spa Pura fits in well with it’s surroundings.  A small intimate spa in a town known for it’s hidden gems.

Special Deals

I decided to sign up for the mailing list on the website in hopes that a great offer would come my way.  Last week it finally came.  Right now Spa Pura is offering a Spring special, $119 for a 60 minute service and 30 minute service package.  I enjoy facials more than a massage, so I opted for the 60 minute facial and 30 minute massage.  You might be thinking that $119 isn’t cheap, and yes there are spas that offer services for $60 or less, but you have to consider overall experience. For $119 I was able to use the spa facilities which included a jacuzzi, steam room, and dry sauna.  The spa also offers showers for before and after use.


Every purchased a couples spa package?  Having a spa day with your significant other is a great experience, but it often leads to regret.  The increased price per service doesn’t always seem worth it.  At Spa Pura there is a common room for both men and women to enjoy.  There are comfortable chairs where you can sit and relax together.  The spa offers cucumber/lemon water, coffee, tea, and champagne to enjoy on weekends.  They also offer crackers, cheese, and veggies for snacking.

Lounge Area

There are three levels to the spa, and the bottom floor is by far the best.  Dimly lit with candles, this room is pure relaxation.  Comfortable chairs, beautifully decorated, and ready for you to enjoy.  It is the perfect location for a bachelorette party or girls spa day.  Notify the spa of your special event ahead of time, and they will accommodate you.


Spa Pura offers a wide range of services.  At Spa Pura you can upgrade to an advanced facial.  These facials decrease scars, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.  To get the full list of spa services visit here.  I recently enjoyed the 60 minute European Deep Cleansing Facial.  The exfoliation really worked to remove dull skin.  My skin felt totally refreshed afterwards.  I could feel the citrus peels working to clean more pores, and I have never had a better head and neck massage than the one I received with my facial this past weekend.  My 30 minute massage was great as well.  The masseur used hot oils and lotions while she worked out my tense muscles.  She incorporated hot stones as well.

I would definitely recommend Spa Pura to anyone.  Make sure to sign up for their mailing list in order to receive special offers and savings.  See an informational video here.

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