Get Sexy Beach Hair Now

beach sexy hairGrowing up as a California girl, I hit the beach hard and often. With fine/thin hair, it was always hard to achieve a full bodied look, but not after hitting the waves. My hair always looked it’s best after being washed with the salt of the sea and air drying. Whats a girl to do when she can’t hit the beach? You can’t exactly be expected to take a dunk in the ocean before an event or date night.

I’ve tried many different products to add volume to and thicken my hair, but none have ever worked. Teasing works to a degree, but it can leave your hair looking frizzy and/or uneven. Then one day when I was using my H2O Sea Salt Body Gloss I thought, “Hey there’s sea salt in this, I wonder if it will have the same effect as ocean water on hair.”

I sprayed my hands with the sea salt body gloss, rubbed my hands together then ran them through my hair. The gloss gave my hair shine, and the sea salt gave my hair body. What’s better than a spray that has one good use? A spray that has two great uses. If you read my blog Summer Hot Buys you know that the H2O Sea Salt Body Gloss works great, moisturizing the skin and providing a sexy sheen.

At just $15 this product  is totally worth the cost. Get yours here today! Let us know your secrets to beach sexy hair in the comment section below.

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