Summer’s Must Have Lipstick Shade – MAC Girl About Town

MAC Lipstick ReviewIn honor of National Lipstick Day I thought I’d give a review of my new favorite summer shade, MAC’s “Girl About Town.” It was the morning of my wedding, and with all the craziness I had forgotten to buy my lipstick. I wanted one shade for the ceremony and a fun color for the reception.

For the ceremony I chose MAC’s Lovelorn lipstick. The lipstick is creamy and the color was a soft pink. It was perfect for my soft wedding look.

I really wanted my lips to pop for the reception so I went with the “Girl About Time” amplified lipstick. I paired it with the “More to Love” longwear pro lip pencil. The pencil shade goes perfectly with the lipstick and lasts throughout the night. It will dry out your lips, and goes on matte so you can wear it alone with a light layer of chapstick or moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a great day and night look this summer give these two shades a try!

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5 Beauty Items You DON’T Need

meesh me make upI will admit, I am a sucker for a beauty product. I love make up, and have so much of it that I forget what items I actually have.  I am a “beauty insider” at Sephora, and get my make up done professionally often.  One side effect of that is that I have bought tons of items I don’t actually need.  According to a recent article posted to Yahoo Shine there are an arsenal of beauty products we shouldn’t be spending our money on. Here are some items I was shocked to find that I don’t actually need.

1) Primer

If you have had your make up done professionally you can tell the difference.  When I would apply make up at home the shadow never looked as dark, or lasted as long, as it did when I got it done professionally.  Then I was turned onto primer.  I was told that this product would keep my make up on my face longer, keep it from smudging, and reduce the amount of eye shadow I needed to use.  While primer does it’s job, it’s a necessary addition to your make up collection.  If you have foundation and/or concealer you can create the same effect.  Foundation and concealer both keep make up on your face, and created a bolder look.

2) Lip Balm

Excuse me? I don’t need lip balm? That’s just absurd. Not according to beauty expert Dr. Sejal K. Shah. All you need is moisturizer. Well most women don’t use lip balm just for moisture, but color as well. If you’re not looking for color or tint, you can forego the balm and use your moisturizer.

3) Lip Liner

According to the experts lip liner actually dries out your lips, and your lips look plumpest when moisturized. However, this is only true for younger girls.  As you age lipstick begins to feather out.  If you’re not wearing a bold color you can get away without lip liner, but always use lip liner when applying red lipstick. You’ll end up looking like a clown without it.

Other Products the Experts Say You Don’t Need Include:

1) Scrubs: Apparently scrubs can do more harm than good, drying out your skin.

2) Toner: Not necessary unless you have very oily skin, and even then it’s not mandatory.

3) Face Blotting Sheets: Expensive and unnecessary according to experts. Try using a mask with tea tree oil instead.

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