Summer Hot Buy: Sea Salt Spray


Moisturizing is arguably the most important thing you can do for your skin.  Our skin looks better, more youthful, when we moisturize.  Many of us hit the gym hard before swimsuit season, working hard to look good in a swimsuit, but we forget to take care of our skin.  When your body needs hydration you feel thirsty, but it’s harder to tell when our skin needs hydration.  One sign of skin dehydration is ashy, dull looking skin.  It is your skin’s way of screaming, “I’m thirsty!” You can tan or spray tan, but a good tan isn’t good unless it’s glowing.

You can make tons of excuses for why you don’t moisturize, but I have found a product that provides hassle-free moisture and shine.  While window shopping this last weekend I came across this H2o Plus product.  The Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss provides multiple benefits.  This spray not only moisturizes your skin effortlessly, but also provides a glossy sheen.  The scent is mild and not overpowering.  The subtle scent of the sea will follow you around, reminding you that summer is near.

This spray goes on relatively dry, so you can spray and go.  Unlike body splashes and other sprays, the H2o Sea Salt moisturizing body gloss won’t drip or run down your body.  It’s perfect for before, during and after a beach/pool day.  This H2o product costs about $15.  Get a bottle or learn more here.

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