When it’s okay to go without accessories

Embellishment Dress

Embellishment Dress

Sometimes accessories make an outfit, but with the right dress you can go without them.  What I love about this dress is that the embellishments along the neckline create the illusion of  a statement necklace.  The fabric used to create this dress is thick, and the length of the sleeves make it perfect for colder months.  The little bit of padding in the shoulder gives it that nod to the 80s that I love.

During the spring I’ll mix it with a cute pair of gold heels, but since it’s cold I wear black stockings, and knee high boots to sex the look up while keeping warm.  Light eye make-up, and a bold lip compliment this winter look.

You can find this dress at a reasonable price at Venus.com.  I prefer a less opaque pair of stockings for this dress.  You can find them at a number of locations including Nordstrom and Target.

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