Santa Baby. My Top 3 Christmas Costume Choices.


I am a LITTLE Christmas obsessed, I will admit.  Been in love with Christmas from a very young age.  My parents love decorations, but not in love with decorating.  From the age of 7 I was in charge of all the home decor.  I love Christmas trees, and lights.  My grandparents used to drive me around different neighborhoods at night, so that I could see all the different Christmas light displays.  My mom complains I would sing Jingle Bells in July, and my boyfriend complains that I make him listen to Kost 103.5 starting in November, because they play nothing but Christmas music.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” is my absolute favorite song.  I remember watching the music video, and being jealous of her costume.  I always wanted a cute Mrs. Claus costume, but never had an excuse to buy one. This year I finally had a reason, and found the perfect Mrs. Claus dress.  I had to have it.  

If you’re about to host a Christmas party, you have to consider dressing up in costume. Your guests will appreciate your dedication to theme, and there are so many options to choose from. 

Here are my top 3 Christmas costume choices:

1. The Good: Pair this cute Santa coat with leggings for a festive look.  It provides enough sex appeal to get you noticed, but not enough to get you on the naughty list.

2. The Naughty: Frederick’s of Hollywood offers this velvet cutout, hooded chemise.  Perfect for a holiday celebration just for two.

3. The Nice: Wear this halter top dress (also pictured above) with opaque tights or leggings, and some boots to complete your cute Mrs. Claus look.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season as much as I am!

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