The Mr Collection

The Mr Collection

Borrow Cool Threads

My good friend Vladimir is quite the entrepreneur.  His latest business venture is The Mr. Collection.  Many women are familiar with Rent The Runway, well The Mr. Collection is the same concept but for men.  In this economy affording designer clothing isn’t always possible.  That doesn’t mean you can’t look your best.  The Mr. Collection is a subscription based fashion rental company.  You apply for a subscription, and gain access to great pieces of clothing.  Whether you need to look great for your next interview or your first date with the girl of your dreams, The Mr. Collection can help.

Men let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to dress yourself.  When you don’t have a girlfriend or sister on hand to help, sign up for The Mr. Collection and get outfits picked out for you.  A small questionnaire helps our fashion stylists get to know your personality and personal style.  They can then put together outfits based on today’s latest trends.

To learn more about The Mr. Collection visit them today! It’s never too late to get fashionable.

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