Curling Wands: Why You Can Throw Away Your Curling Iron

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For waves

I hesitated to write about curling wands, because it seemed to me like an item that every girl had by now.  However, throughout the past couple of months I was approached by women asking, “How do you get your hair to look like that?” When I mentioned the curling wand, they had never heard of it.  I think I’ve helped sell quite a few curling wands in the past year or so, but really every girl should have one.

If you use a curling wand, you know the benefits over the traditional curling iron. I used to look at celebrities, and wonder how they got their hair so lush and wavy.  Every time I attempted to curl my hair I would get the “George Washington” curl.  It wasn’t nearly as sexy as I had hoped.  Then I discovered the curling wand, and my life was changed forever.

Here are a few benefits of using a curling wand over a curling iron:

1) Better for Waves

Whether you are looking for a loose or tight wave, there is a wand for you.  Curling irons are only superior if you’re looking for the Shirley Temple look.  With a traditional curling iron you would have to curl your hair, then run your fingers through the curl several times in order to get a wavy look.  With the wand you simple wrap your hair around the wand, hold, and release.

2) Healthier Hair

Curling irons traditionally take longer to curl hair.  That extra time spent frying isn’t good for your luscious locks.  With some curling irons you have to hold the hair to the iron for a minute in order to achieve a curl that will stay.  With curling wands 10 to 15 seconds, and you’ve got a great wave.

3) More Time Efficient

It used to take me about an hour to curl all of my hair.  I would have to start getting ready way in advance, and dreaded doing it.  In order for a curl to hold I would have to separate my hair into very thin sections, taking up extra time I could be spending somewhere else.  Now with the help of my wand my hair is done in about 20 minutes.  The curling wand is more efficient, because I can use thicker sections and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes for a wave to take hold.

4) Longer Lasting Power

Even after spending an hour on my hair, my curls would be flat an hour into the evening.  I have thin hair, so getting a big sexy look is hard to achieve.  I would use tons of hairspray, and still my hair would go flat.  With my curling wand, my hair stays wavy all night and I use little if any hair spray.

5) No Creases

While curling irons can leave behind dents in your hair, curling wands leave a smooth look each time.

Side Effects

There is one side effect I’ve experienced with my curling wand: BURNS.  Tons of girls burn themselves every day with curling irons, so burns from a curling wand are nothing new.  When curling your hair you have to be extremely careful.  Each curling wand should come with a glove.  Unlike a curling iron, curling wand users have to hold the hair in place.  Creases are avoided, because there’s no metal or plastic clasp that comes down over the hair.  Wearing the glove is important, so that you don’t burn your fingers, especially as you’re learning to use the wand.  It’s also important to watch where you’re pointing the wand.  If the wand touches your skin it will burn it.  You may laugh now, but wearing a long sleeve t-shirt when first learning to use your wand can save you some pain later.

Once you get used to using your wand, you shouldn’t have a problem with burning yourself.  It’s an easy and efficient way to achieve the look you’ve been attempting for years.

Here is an instruction video on how to use the wand, and here is where you can purchase a wand of your own.

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The Mermaid

The Mermaid Look

The Mermaid Look

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved mermaids.  It’s a love I share with thousands of little girls everywhere.  I don’t know what it is about them.  Maybe it’s that they are always depicted as such beautiful creatures, or that they get to live under the sea.  Being in the water always felt like a second home to me.  I loved swimming in my pool growing up, and taking trips to the ocean.  It’s probably why I ended up attending college at Pepperdine.

My love for mermaids inspired today’s look.  The top is a pearly white, and the shape reminded me of a sea shell.  The sheer tan colored mesh in the center provides the sex appeal men often notice about mermaids.  The bottom is a mermaid cut maxi skirt in deep blue.  The skirt has two slits up either side of the front.  I wore my hair with loose curls to finish the look.

Both the halter top and maxi skirt were purchased at Foreign Exchange in store.  Affordable prices and attention to detail make Foreign Exchange a great place to shop.