Dress Ideas: Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to spark up an evening of romance than with the right dress.  In order to send your date the right signals, you’ll need the perfect outfit.  Body language, conversation, demeanor they all contribute to the success of the date, but nothing communicated your feelings better than what you’re wearing.  Men are visual creatures, so wear something he’ll remember you for.  Not concerned with impressing him? Dress up for yourself! Picking the right ensemble will give you confidence, treat yourself to an evening of feeling great about yourself and the way you look.  Going out with your girls? There’s no reason why you can’t dress in the holiday spirit, even if you are single! Here are some of my favorite romantic dresses, and where you can find them.


Marilyn Look


Romantic Lace: VictoriaSecret.com


Urban Outfitters


Luscious Red: Lulu’s


Backless Maxi Dress: Venus.com


Get in Costume


Pop in Pink: Foreign Exchange

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